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About Us

“My Business Recognition” is a fast growing company featuring a special ranking of existing and growing companies that make a positive difference in the modern world. We want to help your prospective customers learn the best side of you as a business contributing to the building of a better world by staying environmentally conscientious, society supporting, and providing great customer service thereby reaching out in positive ways locally and globally.

Just pick the most suitable logo, click, fill out the application, and forward one proof of the deed (please limit it to two pages) supporting your choice. Our team will review and respond to your application in the order that it was received. Should you get approved, we will notify you as soon as possible. After that, simply upload the selected banner and place it on your website.

We charge a one time non-refundable reviewing fee per logo that can be made through our secure payment portal (shopping cart.) Thank you for your time, looking forward to your submission!

My Business Recognition Team.

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